Surgical Procedures


For women who are looking for a permanent method of birth control, tubal ligation is a safe, permanent protection against pregnancy. The procedure involves cutting the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from traveling to the uterus. While there are always risks and disadvantages to any procedure, there are also numerous advantages to this method of sterilization, including permanent protection against pregnancy, few side effects, no future cost for birth control, no change in periods, and little interference with sexual pleasure. Tubal ligation is approximately 99.7% effective, and most women are able to return to work 2-5 days after the procedure. Talk to our knowledgeable staff at Women’s Premier OB/GYN to learn more about tubal ligation and other methods of birth control.

WPOBGYN Hysterectomy


There are a number of conditions that may be improved or cured by the surgical removal of a woman’s uterus, including the fallopian tubes and ovaries. This procedure, known as a hysterectomy, can be used to treat endometriosis, uterine cancer, and a prolapsed uterus, among other conditions. Recent advancements in medicine now allow surgeons to remove the uterus through the vagina rather than through an abdominal incision, thus reducing the risks involved and the recovery time. If you are a candidate for this procedure, our staff at Women’s Premier OB/GYN will ensure that you are fully informed about the procedure and its risks and benefits. We will provide ample space for you to ask questions and will talk you through the steps leading up to, during, and after the procedure so that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable throughout the process.


If your doctor is concerned about the health of your abdominal cavity or uterus, she may suggest a laparoscopy or hysteroscopy. These surgical examinations involve the use of a small telescope-like instrument, which is passed through a small incision below the navel. This allows your doctor to examine the organs in the abdominal cavity for abnormalities, permitting them to better treat you for any health conditions you may have. If one of our skilled physicians at Women’s Premier OB/GYN suggests a laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedure, they will explain the benefits and risks of the procedure and provide space for you to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the steps involved. You can ensure that our staff will do their upmost to make you feel comfortable and included throughout the process. Best of all, our physicians will use the knowledge gained from the procedure to develop an individualized care plan based on your needs.

Laparascopic Surgery Texas


Do you suffer from heavy or prolonged periods? Do you not intend to become pregnant in the future? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then an endometrial ablation may be right for you. This simple procedure can reduce or stop your flow completely to improve your health and quality of life. Endometrial ablation is not surgery and therefore does not require any incisions. Instead, very thin tools are inserted into your vagina to reach the uterus and remove the lining. Because there are numerous ways to complete an endometrial ablation, our staff at Women’s Premier OB/GYN will assess your individual circumstances to determine the type of procedure that will be most comfortable and effective for you. Schedule an appointment with our staff today to learn more!

What to Expect from Surgery

Information You Need

Our knowledgeable staff will inform you about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure that may be recommended by your physician. You will be provided with resources to learn more about the procedure, and our staff will always be available to answer any questions you may have.


We will provide a set of instructions to prepare you for the procedure, including information on steps leading up to the procedure and recommendations for a smooth and comfortable recovery.


On the day of the procedure, we will walk you through the process to ensure that you feel included and informed. We will explain the specifics in language that is easy to understand and will do our best to make the process as comfortable and pain-free as possible.


After the procedure, we will take an active role in your recovery. If needed, we will provide recommendations for pain relief and will inform you about the steps suggested for an easy recovery. Our staff will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure you are recovering smoothly and revise your healthcare plan based on your needs and desires.


If you like to explore in more detailed medical information, these links offer medical fact sheets, videos, special procedures and more.

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