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A high risk pregnancy is one that threatens the health or life of the mother or her fetus. It often requires specialized care from specially trained providers.  Some pregnancies become high risk as they progress, while some women are at increased risk for complications even before they get pregnant for a variety of reasons.  Early and regular prenatal care helps many women have healthy pregnancies and deliveries without complications.

Risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy can include:

  • Existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Overweight and obesity. Obesity increases the risk for high blood pressure, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, neural tube defects, and cesarean delivery.
  • Multiple births. The risk of complications is higher in women carrying more than one fetus (twins and higher-order multiples). Common complications include preeclampsia, premature labor, and preterm birth.
  • Young or old maternal age. Pregnancy in teens and women age 35 or older increases the risk for preeclampsia and gestational high blood pressure.

Women with high-risk pregnancies should receive care from a special team of health care providers to ensure the best possible outcomes.


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Dr. Stimmage is an excellent doctor. She makes you feel like you are the only patient she has! That’s the level of attention she gives. Her staff are also good – Brenda is brilliant! I also love the rapport I observed between Dr. Stimmage and her staff. Great place!

I went to 5 different doctors for a problem I was having and Dr. Stimage was the only one who took the time to listen to me and perform the necessary tests to diagnose me properly. After suffering through 2 years of horrible symptoms, she gave me my life back!

I love her! Very down to earth, excellent bedside manner, she delivered my baby and Im looking forward to the next one, I wouldn’t go anywhere else, environment is friendly and stressfree.

Dr. Stimage took such good care of me during my pregnancy. I recommend her to everyone I can! 2 of my friends highly recommended her and now I do too! I promise you’ll love her.